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Sell Gold Jewellery in Perth

Few items hold and increase their value and market price like gold, silver and diamonds. If you need instant cash, selling or pawning your unwanted gold jewellery or unwanted precious metal collection is a great way to pad your bank account. But it's not a good idea to sell old gold to any buyer you find online. To get the best price, you want to sell your gold jewellery to a reputable, professional gold buyer.

At Gold Buyers Perth, we're a family-run business whose been buying and selling gold and other precious metals and stones for many years. Stop in today to our secure location and see how we offer the best prices possible for your gold and diamond jewellery.

Sell Gold Jewellery | Gold Buyers Perth

Benefits of Selling Unwanted Gold Jewellery

Selling gold jewellery, helps the environment! The more gold and diamonds that come back to the market from customers who sell their old items, the less demand there is on mining operations to pull more precious metals and stones from the earth. When selling gold jewellery to our buyers, you are doing your bit for our world and it gets you instant cash!

If you're looking to buy gold as an investment or want a unique piece of jewellery for your loved one, buying used items from a gold buying professional also lessens the strain on the environment. You'll find a one-of-kind piece and get an excellent price for high-quality fine jewellery, too.

Process for selling old gold to Gold Buyers Perth

At Gold Buyers Perth, buy and selling gold is our specialty, and a big part of our business. When you come to us to sell your old gold, we guarantee a great service and will offer the highest gold price for your items.

We have an on-site, experienced gold, precious metals, and diamond jewellery appraiser on our staff who can give you an accurate assessment for your fine jewellery. Sell your gold jewellery and precious metal items to us. We buy the following:

  • Gold and silver coins.
  • Gold and silver jewellery (bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles, earrings).
  • Diamonds engagament rings.
  • Gold and silver bullion.
  • Scrap gold.
  • Gold nuggets.

Gold Jewellery is hardly ever made from pure gold. Real gold jewellery is typically marked with either a 10, 14 or 18K stamp indicating its purity, and lower purity gold jewellery is made with other alloys. When you sell your old gold jewellery, you'll only get paid for the part of the item that's pure gold. On experienced staff will be able to accurately assess how much pure of your jewellery is pure gold. The higher the purity level of the piece, the higher the gold price your item can command. Gold jewellery is priced differently than gold bullion, as bullion is pure 24K gold.

We pawn gold at:

We Pawn Gold at

9ct $34.1 per gram
14ct $53.2 per gram
18ct $68.2 per gram
22ct $83.3 per gram
24ct $90.93 per gram

Prices Updated: Sunday, July 14 2024

We Buy Gold Up To

9ct $37.89 per gram
14ct $59.11 per gram
18ct $75.78 per gram
22ct $92.55 per gram
24ct $101.03 per gram
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Why Sell Gold to Gold Buyers Perth?

Put that unused gold jewellery to work for you instead of letting it collect dust at the bottom of the jewellery box. At Gold Buyers Perth, we're one of the most experienced professional gold buyers in WA. We guarantee to inspect your gold items with advanced, modern equipment so you can get the most accurate valuation and a great price for selling old gold jewellery. Our inspection process is incredibly secure at our location, and your gold buying and selling excursion will be safe and confidential with us. Stop in today and get instant cash for your gold and precious metals.
Pawn Gold Jewellery | Gold Buyers Perth