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Sell Gold Scrap

Unexpected bills, or just want to treat yourself? Selling your old gold items is a great way to make a bit of cash from this high-priced precious metal. Gold is one of the few things that you can sell for top dollar even if it is a broken piece of jewelry, or an old, used, or otherwise tarnished item. Unlike other materials, you can sell your gold and get instant cash, as this material either holds its value or increases. Take advantage of the high price of gold with Perth Gold Buyers today. We take scrap gold, gold coins, silver items, and any other types of gold jewelry and gold scrap.

Sell Gold Scrap Jewellery | Gold Buyers Perth

What is Scrap Gold?

It's not too hard to recognize a gold bracelet or another piece of gold jewelry when you see it. But gold is also put into other items, not just shiny pieces of jewelry or gold coins. Gold is also used to make fillings and teeth. Some electronic parts have gold in them too. While it's true that individual pieces of scrap gold are very small, you can collect them and get cash for gold. You'd be surprised at how much you can get when you finally sell scrap gold you've been collecting.

If you want to take your scrap gold and your other gold items to a Perth gold buyer, it's an excellent idea to separate your items first - scrap in one pile, jewelry in the next, and then gold coins. You'll also want to find out the carat of each piece of gold and the purity of your gold jewelry. For example, if your gold bracelet is labeled 18 carats, that indicates that it is 18 parts gold, and six parts alloy. A gold wedding band that is 14 carats means it's 14 parts gold and ten parts allow. A gold bar is measured with a troy ounce.

How do you find the purity of your gold jewelry?

You can find out the purity of your gold jewelry in a few different ways. The hard way is to use the acid test. You can purchase an acid testing kit from a jeweler or jewelry supply store. The kits can be used on 10K, 14K, and 18K jewelry. If you suspect you have gold of higher purity, then ask the store for a testing kit for higher purity gold.

These kits come with a stone and acid bottle. What you'll do to test your gold is:

  • Rub the item on the stone.
  • Place a drop of highest acidity acid on the item.

If the streak that forms on the same turns brown, then the purity of the gold is of the lower number. So if you put a 14K acid on the gold item and it does nothing, then you'll want to try the 18K acid bottle. If it turns brown, then the jewelry is 14K gold.

But that's the hard way to test the gold. If you want to save time and money, and avoid the hassle of testing, sell your old gold jewelry to Perth Gold buyers. We offer the highest payouts, and guarantee a great price for your gold items. We buy gold of all kinds, and also provide our customers with high-tech a gold calculator.

When you bring your items our way, we'll quickly and easily calculate the purity of your gold. Our gold calculations use the latest X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis technology, so you'll know how much gold you have. With an accurate calculation, we can offer the highest price for your gold on the spot. Get instant cash offers when you bring your gold items to us here at Perth Gold buyers.

What to Sell at Gold Buyers Perth

We also buy:

  • Diamonds & Diamond Engagamenet Rings
  • Gold Watches
  • Silver Items
  • Gold Bullion

Gold is a safe investment for a reason. It retains its value regardless of the condition, and it's never been easier for Perth residents to get cash as soon as they need it when they sell their gold. Head on over to Perth Gold Buyers today at Level 3, Suite 16A, 105 St George Terrace, Perth WA 6000 and get cash for your gold.